chillin at the sushi bar

I shot this photo thinking it was just a peaceful scene of a Coastal Gray wolf at rest.

Little did I know he was actually waiting for dinner to arrive. Just when I looked away he set off tracking down this 32″Chum Salmon. The Nikon D500 shoots at 10 frames per second. The first fifteen shots were captured in about a second and a half. Remarkably, the wolf didn’t grab the fish and head off in a different direction. Instead, he completely ignored us as he passed by and this led to one of the many favorite “wolf” shots of my Alaska trip.

How do I know the fish was about 32″ long ? After the wolf devoured the head of the fish and left the area,

Jerry, one of our guides, wanted to check out how much the wolf had eaten. If only the head is consumed, it’s reasonable to assume that the animals are keeping well fed. So I asked him if he would mind holding up the catch for a quick photo to get an idea of the size.

For the rest of the story, see The Approach of a Wolf

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