Four eyes are better than two

Oct 16, 2021 Palos Verdes, CA You always hope for the best but I knew my chances of spotting one of these beautiful birds would be pretty slim as I only had a general idea of where the best place would be to begin looking. My son-in-law, (not a birder), and I were walking along […]

kayak view

September 6,2021 I took my new kayak out this morning at a reservoir about 3 miles from home. The New York State Office of Mental Health recently transferred the administration of this property to the DEC to be managed as a WMA. It’s a 526 acre parcel which includes Clear Lake Reservoir. This reservoir was […]

young osprey hanging out

August 16,2021 This young Osprey landed on a branch about 4 feet above the water. I watched him for about 5 minutes as he scanned the water below seemingly looking for fish. This may possibly be common behavior for a young bird but I’ve never seen it before.

young osprey with catch

August 16,2021 This would be only the second time I’ve tried photography from a kayak. The lagoon at Beaver Island State Park is relatively calm which helps keep things steady. This juvenile probably left the nest 2-3 weeks ago and now needs to learn how to fish. They can still be heard calling out from […]

hummingbird perch

August 4,2021 You can buy a Hummingbird perch in a hardware store, it looks like a teeny, tiny jungle gym. or you can clamp a stick to a tree next to the feeders. Either way, they seem to enjoy a resting spot.

pretty cute little vole

July 25,2021 Just another visitor I spotted in the gardens going about his business.

Hemaris thysbe

July 15,2021 A moth of the family Sphingidae. Some call them clearwing moths, or hummingbird moths, but I believe the proper name is Hummingbird Clearwing. Of course I could be wrong. I don’t know what the little one is. And I believe the last is a Silver-spotted Skipper ? All hanging about one of our potted plants […]

dragons and other flying objects

July 13,2021 Macro photography is an immersive pastime. These tiny subjects force you to slow down and really concentrate as so often they can go completely unnoticed. Reducing your focus and attention to an area of about 1 square foot or smaller is almost zen-like and very tranquil. I spent about 6 hours over two […]


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