Huntington hummingbirds

May 5, 2021 While visiting in California we made an unexpected stop at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in San Marino. Fortunately I had packed my Nikon 70-300 AF-P FX as a “just in case” lens. A little more reach would have been nice but the small size and light weight of the 70-300 […]

White tail kite encounter

May 8, 2021 I was in Costa Mesa, CA at a location known for it’s White Tail Kite activity. Most of the birds were too far away for any decent shots and I was pretty discouraged thinking I was going to come away with nothing after the drive down from Los Angeles. There were four […]

messin around in the yard

April 29, 2021 Some shots from the yard over the last few days. I’m still being overrun by European Starlings.

rhododendron backdrop

April 20, 2021 I positioned my blind so that the perch was between myself and the blooming Rhododendron in the backyard. Nothing but starlings and grackles.

Mute Swan layover

April 6, 2021 Arriving at the pond today I noticed what I thought were Tundra Swans. I’ve seen them over the last few years around the end of March, early April. They only stick around for a few days so I assume they use the pond as a layover on their trip north. When I […]

first to last light

March 30, 2021 Over the years I’ve spent many mornings and many evenings on this pond but today I decided to spend the whole day. 11 hours under my Lens Coat Lens Hide. Not exactly what I was hoping for and hard to say if it was worth it photographically speaking but sure was a […]

not close enough

March 27,2021 I’m still chasing after the Northern Harriers up at the pond. I had one fly-by tonight where the bird came in relatively close but of course I missed focus. These are still too far away and when you have to crop in this deep you lose detail. Maybe next time

Waiting on a Harrier

March 23, 2021 I was up at the pond last night photographing the geese and ducks in the evening light. I wanted the effect of the nice, soft backgrounds so I spent 2 hours laying flat on my stomach with the camera set up on the tripod about 6 inches off the ground. The problem […]

golden goose

March 22, 2021 An evening on the pond with the sun at my back and the camera set up about 6 inches off the ground. The low camera angle provides the nice soft backgrounds.


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