Two days with Warblers

May 10, 2022 Warblers are nearly impossible to attract to your yard. They don’t eat seeds, so they won’t visit bird feeders. They don’t nest in cavities, so they won’t stay in birdhouses. But they do love the insects that hang out in the buds of this Dogwood tree that blooms for only a few […]

two mornings with peregrines

April 4, 2022 The 100 Foot cliffs in San Pedro, CA provide perfect dwellings for nesting Peregrine Falcons. I made the trip to San Pedro from Monterey Hills twice on my most recent trip to Southern California. It’s just about an hour drive to the coast and leaving the house at 5:00 AM pretty much […]

A Goldfinch by chance

April 4, 2022 Taking a walk through Descanso Gardens in Southern California I spotted this little guy collecting seeds.

Another crack at Burrowing Owls

March 29, 2022 Made the trip back to Ontario, California to see if the Burrowing Owls were to be found. Not much activity as I imagine the female is probably tending to the underground nest this time of year but I did spend some time with this little guy. The first few shots were taken […]

No Wood Ducks

March 24, 2022 Went out looking for Wood Ducks but came away with just Mallards. Really a beautiful duck that’s under appreciated, most likely due to it’s being so common.

mating mergansers

March 8, 2022 Photos were taken at Baldwin Lake in Arcadia California at the end of December 2021. The first 2 shots are part of the courting ritual and feature a male Hooded Merganser. What follows is a mating sequence that does not look like a lot of fun for the ladies.

When spring comes

February 1, 2022 The transformation is amazing really. Right now my corner of the world is monotone, white and grayish brown. But in about 3 weeks all that will change yet again. I’ve always said the best thing about winter is it really makes you appreciate the wonder of springtime. These were taken one afternoon […]

An old eagle liftoff sequence

February 15, 2022 I shot this sequence almost 7 years ago. It was the first decent shot of an eagle I ever got and less than five miles from home. This eagle was nesting on my friends pond and I had tried numerous times to photograph her (I think) with no luck. So I set […]

speedy cormorant

February 9, 2022 I took these pictures in fall of 2020 on the Langford pond. Double-crested Cormorants are the most widespread and common of the species. These birds have the ability to submerge their whole body while swimming where only their head and neck are visible. They are very strong swimmers and dive to catch […]

big snow-little birds

February 8, 2022 Another snowfall, another set of backyard birds. I like how the little bit of light that was out this morning reflects off the snow on the ground and lights up their underside.


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