connecting with nature

An overused phrase for sure and I’d imagine it means very different things to different people. For me it’s that instant when two brains, one rational and one instinctual, ask the same questions; who are you, what are you doing in my space, are you a threat, do I need to defend myself, should I […]

another snowfall

February 23, 2021 fresh snow seems to bring about the most activity around the feeders.

luck and light

February 25, 2021 I’ve been trying to get a decent shot of the male cardinals in the yard but they tend to feed on the ground and when they are in the branches they bury themselves deep so it’s hard to get a clean shot. Taking advantage of the last bit of sun and a […]

Some better light

February 11, 2021 It’s been so gloomy lately, nothing but flat light. This afternoon the sun peeked out a little bit and added some depth to the birds in the backyard.

wolves at rest

February 8, 2021 Wolves are often portrayed as savage, ruthless killers. In reality they hunt only for survival and are very efficient predators. Here’s another side of these beautiful, intelligent, curious, and commonly misunderstood animals. All shot near Hallo Bay, AK on the Katmai Peninsula.

Fresh snow

February 1, 2021 Another fresh snowfall and another set of backyard birds.

another first in the backyard

January 29, 2021 I had just set up in my blind and before I could even get my settings dialed in this little guy popped up for an instant. First time I’ve ever seen one at the feeders. Along with the usual suspects

Snow birds

January 19, 2021 Actually, only one of these birds is commonly known as a “snow bird”. That would be another name for the Dark-eyed Junco. A foot of snow overnight left the backyard blanketed and the birds searching for food.

amazing adaptations

January 11, 2020 Another attempt to try and put some distance between the reality of humanity and my little world. CANOPY FEEDING This is fairly common behavior in some egrets and herons. The strategy involves shading the water with outstretched wings. Small fish may then possibly seek refuge from the sun and swim into the […]

The same but different

December 17, 2020 My shooting position is exactly the same, the birds are all the regulars, but the addition of some snow changes the way the light reflects and gives a slightly different look.


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