Saying goodbye to Hallo Bay

My time spent at Hallo Bay had a profound effect on me. Never before have I felt so strong a pull, such a longing to return, from any other place I’ve visited. I feel it’s permanently attached itself to my psyche. Always there, sometimes clear and concise, and other times shadowy and foggy, but always floating around somewhere in my thoughts and in my dreams. I had a rare opportunity to immerse myself in a landscape so raw, so wild and vast, it was mind-boggling. My biggest fear is that I’ll forget. I long to once again feel that crazed adrenaline rush brought on by charging bears.

The excitement of staring down a wild wolf,

or being witness to the sheer, raw power of a 700 lb bear crashing through a stream bed.

That feeling of utter helplessness as an apex predator eyes you up from just steps away.

Or just crawling into my tent at night exhausted from fresh air, hiking, excitement and dreaming about the next day’s adventure.. Perhaps this is why I feel the need to put it down in words along with my photographs, to be sure that someday in the future I’ll know it wasn’t all just a dream.

Staring out the window of the plane taking me away and looking down, I could see the tiny outline of a bear fishing in the river, totally oblivious to the inevitable encroachment of humankind and all it brings.

And all of a sudden what was once so immense, so untamed and immeasurable, now also seemed tiny and exposed.

With every passing mile I could imagine this majestic area growing smaller and smaller, and realized with painful clarity just how precious and rare these wild areas have become.

It brought tears to my eyes thinking that 50, or 30, or even 20 years from now this magical place could also be gone.

“Yes, and when the love of life disappears, no meaning can console us.”

Albert Camus

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