kayak view

September 6,2021

I took my new kayak out this morning at a reservoir about 3 miles from home. The New York State Office of Mental Health recently transferred the administration of this property to the DEC to be managed as a WMA. It’s a 526 acre parcel which includes Clear Lake Reservoir. This reservoir was constructed in the 1920’s as a water source for the Gowanda Psychiatric Center and was later used by the Collins Correctional Facility for the same purpose. Both these institutions have closed down. We used to sneak into this area to fish when we were kids as it was posted and off limits. I had mixed feelings about them opening the area up to the public. On one hand it’s nice that we can now enjoy this spot but people also have a tendency to destroy areas like this and hunting and trapping are now allowed also so we’ll see. 
I was working around a pretty steady rain and poor light but I managed a couple good looks at these Great Blue Heron with the Sigma 150-600 S 

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