just in case

October 15,2021

I like to keep a small, lightweight camera and lens combo on hand for those times when you aren’t actually looking for anything to photograph but want to have something with you just in case. My son-in-law and I were out for an evening walk in Deb Park, Monterey Hills area of Southern California on my last trip. Normally I would be carrying anywhere from 10-12 lbs of camera and lens but since we were just out walking I decided to go with a Nikon D5200 and a Nikon 70-300 AF-P FX lens. This is a very lightweight and small combination that can be purchased for around $500 total. The body and lens combined weigh under 5 lbs making it a perfect combination for hiking. I was glad to have something with me as this coyote crossed our path later on in the evening.

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