A most ridiculous pose

We’ve all seen it. In movies, maybe a well-heeled hunter’s trophy room, taxidermy shops, even museums. A large bear standing on it’s hind legs, arms outstretched, claws bared, with a menacing snarl. Ready to attack, right ? Nothing could be further from reality. In truth, the situation is exactly the opposite. A bear will stand on it’s hind legs simply because it can see, hear, and smell better that way. If a bear is going to charge, it will be down on all fours, maintain direct eye contact, huff and grunt, and possibly sway it’s head back and forth. And it’s going to come at you business end first and ridiculously quick for an animal that size. Not waddling on it’s hind legs.

But I guess that “false classic” bear pose presents the most interesting story for those who would choose to destroy it. Does the hunter really want to admit that he took this amazing animal while it was grazing peacefully in the sedge grass like a common cow ? Probably not. This bear rose to get a better view of us in Hallo Bay Alaska. We carried no bear spray, no firearms. Some would say that’s stupid. Some would say if you need those things to feel safe and aren’t prepared to accept the risk you shouldn’t be there. He realized there was no threat and simply walked on by.

No, I will not raise my arms and bare my teeth, silly human

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