Bosque Del Apache

Bosque Del Apache is another truly magical destination. This preserve is located just south of Socorro New Mexico. The Chupadera Mountains to the west and the San Pascual Mountains to the east provide marvelous backdrops for photos and there’s something very special about that southwest light. Beginning around the end of October, thousands of Snow Geese, Ross’ Geese, and Sandhill Cranes migrate from northern climes and spend the winter in these marshes. In the evening, they congregate in water to protect themselves from predators. Near dawn, the geese take off en masse in search of fields throughout the Middle Rio Grande Valley to feed for the day. Smaller groups of Sandhill Cranes then leave the safety of the water for the same reason. Arriving pre-dawn, setting up on the banks of the marsh, just as the sun is rising, you’re witness to groups of 2,4 or 10 cranes at a time lifting off into the golden light. Getting a chance to see hundreds of Snow Geese take to the skies all as one is almost worth the trip in itself. Come back just before sunset and watch the scene play out in reverse as groups of these ancient birds majestically hover over the mountain backdrop and slowly lower themselves into the marsh for the evening.

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