An old eagle liftoff sequence

February 15, 2022

I shot this sequence almost 7 years ago. It was the first decent shot of an eagle I ever got and less than five miles from home. This eagle was nesting on my friends pond and I had tried numerous times to photograph her (I think) with no luck. So I set up my blind a couple days before near this perch that she liked and returned one morning and waited. In retrospect I wish I would have set up a bit closer but I was afraid of spooking the bird so these are pretty heavy crops. Three hours later she showed up and then almost another hour of waiting before she lifted off. The tree has now fallen over and I believe this bird was found injured by a snowmobiler but not sure what happened to her. The D7100 did a decent job of tracking but you can see where I started to lose focus on the second to last shot. Then there were 2 unusable frames before I picked focus back up on the last. I shot two more frames before I lost her as she flew off to the side of the blind but I couldn’t keep her in the frame. 
Nikon D7100 w/ Nikon 500 F4 AF-I on a Wimberly WH-200 gimbal head

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